Domains List

Domain List

You can check the list of all domains you added in one place and check all the info of each domain without ever living DomainsHook. You can check domains status, nameservers, account info, and much more.

DNS Manager

Simple DNS Manager

You don't need to login to your registrar control panel to add or remove DNS records. You can do it directly in DomainsHook. It is as simple as that.

Domain Expiry Reminders

Get Reminded

Forget about losing your domain ever again. We aggressively remind you to renew your domain on time and save you a fortune.


Organise Your Domains

Yes, you can check all your domains in one place but it will become a mess if you have a lot of domains. So you can organise those domains in folders and have peace of mind.

Domains Calender

Domains Calender

Sometimes, you want to know what domains expiring this month, next month etc. Instead of checking the domains list, you can use the calendar to see when a domain will expire visually.

Whois Checker

Powerful Whois Checker

Why you need another tool to check whois when you have the in-house Whois checker which is fast and has no usage limitations?