API Accounts are nothing but your registrar account which has access to their respective API.

Example: If i have a Godday account then i can generate API key and secret to access Godday API. So, in this case, this account is called API Account.

Whitelist IP address is the IP Address of DomainsHook. Some registrars will ask you to provide Whitelist IP address for security and in that case you will provide our IP address.

No, you can add domains manually without API account but you miss a lot of features without API Account

DomainsHook works with or without API but if you have API access to your registrar account then we will fetch all domains automatically and you can add them to DomainsHook. Also, you can even access other features such as DNS manager, Domain details, etc

There is no limitation on the number of accounts you add in DomainsHook in any of our plans including the FREE plan. However, we have limitations on domains depending upon the plan you choose.

You have to visit the Add API Account page and provide your API credentials and add the domains you wanted. You can check more details here.

Yes, your domains will also get deleted if you delete your API account.

We currently support GoDaddy, NameCheap and Namesilo. So, you can Add API accounts of these registrar accounts.

We are working on supporting all major domain registrars ASAP and you can also request a domain registrar you want us to support. Meanwhile, you can add unsupported registrar domains from Add Domains page

There are 2 ways to add domains in DomainsHook. You can add domains via API account or add them manually. You can check a more detailed guide here.

The number of domains you can add in your account depends on the plan you choose. If you want to increase domain limit then just upgrade your plan.

We will update all domains details every day. So, if you renewed domain today then that domain expiry date will be updated tomorrow.

Yes, you can check some of your domain details by clicking on the domain name. So note that this feature is only for domains added via API Account. So, you can't check the details of the domains which you added manually.

You can create a folder by visiting Folders page and click on create folder icon. You can check our detailed guide here.

There are no limits on the number of folders. You can create as many as you want.

You can add an unlimited number of domains in each folder.

No, each folder has to have a unique name.

Yes, we do have a FREE plan where you can add upto 10 domains, manage DNS and get expiry date reminders. You can check the pricing page for more details.

You can use our FREE plan as long as you wanted. You can upgrade only if you need to more domains.

FREE and paid plans will have same features except you can add only 10 domains in your FREE plan. You need to upgrade to one of our paid plans to increase domain limits.

Currently, we have only yearly plans and we might add monthly plans in future.

We support debit/credit card, internet banking, and UPI via Instamojo in India and for other countries we support Paypal.

In that case, you can just contact our support via live chat or raise a ticket. We will try to resolve it in no time.

Yes, we offer full refund only if you cancel your plan within 15 days of upgrade.

When you cancel your plan, you will remain on the plan until the end of your billing cycle, at which time the plan will be canceled.

There are 2 ways to contact us. You can just live chat with us or raise a ticket in support.domainshook.com, You need to create an account with the same email which you used in DomainsHook while registering.

We have a knowledge base with all the guides which help you to get started with DomainsHook. Just visit our knowledge base.